curated by Helga Marsala

6.12.2018 - 15.02.2019

Casa del Mutilato, Palermo


curated by Sergio Troisi

6.4.2018 - 10.6.2018

Fondazione Sicilia, Palermo

How much memory and how much history do images carry, and how can those images generate an unexpected short-circuit between the present and the past? The work of Daniele Franzella (Palermo, 1978) starts from this assumption: a preliminary withdrawal from the vast tank of relatively recent history (especially the first half of the twentieth century), a digital intervention so as to change its meaning and purpose in our daily lives, an elliptical and interrogative suspension of figures and gestures removed from their context of origin and conduct, leaving them restless and disoriented. For his exhibition, Franzella has chosen to punctuate the works of the Villa Zito collection by interpreting them not only in their iconic aspect - a repertoire of sacred scenes, views and landscapes - but also as recognized witnesses and instruments of an official history while the incursion of contemporary languages ​​arises (from the title: Gloria) as a critical countercant. A game of reversals and paradoxes already evident in the choice of techniques and materials: large surfaces in latex worked in relief in which the folds and natural falling motion mimic fabric, digital prints on cement that evoke the great Italian tradition of fresco painting, in both cases establishing a subtle link which reflects the history of art. This is the thread that goes through the rooms, using the works of the Pinacoteca as a territory of confrontation and contrast and reversing the expectations of the viewer on what is heavy (the cement) and what is light (the digital image), between the persistence of history (the army posturing in the pointlessness of the discipline and of the things that seem opportune to us) and its memorial evanescence. Among the sacristies and church interiors painted by Salvatore Marchesi, altar boys materialize, sinister like ghosts (Kruppa); in the Nativity already in place in the Oratory of Saints Francis and Lawrence, where Caravaggio's one was, contemporary characters are concealed. The landscapes which nineteenth-century Sicilian painters made the object of an idyllic and primitive nature become the scenario of a regressive presence (Primate), flocks of birds assume the formation of combat aircraft (The heavens and the earth) or they reveal, in outdoor gymnastic exercises, what ideological thoughts have fueled that rural vision (Armenti). And the double of the famous Mattanza by Antonino Leto is an almost monochromatic surface: after the excitement of the bodies and the chaos of water and blood, a seal of emptiness and silence.


curated by Alessandro Pinto

14.7.2017 - 25.9.2017

Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento

Monumentale is the title of the exhibition being held at the Fabbriche Chiaramontane of Agrigento from 30 June to 3 September 2017 with the presence of more than 20 works by the artist from Palermo. The exhibition will display Franzella's latest creations, all unreleased in Italy, some of which come from the artist's time in Düsseldorf in 2015 during his residency supported by the same FAM of Agrigento as part of the Youth Fam Award 2014. These are works which include large sculptures such as "Bethlehem" - a traveling exhibition exhibited in Düsseldorf in 2016 in public spaces such as the Johanneskirche and the Staatliche Bibliothek - sound installations, graphic works, photographs. The Palermitan artist works with various materials, managing to maintain a pervasive sense of poetry in every expression. The exhibition at the Fam of Agrigento questions spatial time and the transience of the values ​​of our society. Instead of presenting the works in isolation from each other, Franzella presents them as a whole and totalizing three-dimensional image that cancels out any temporal distinction. A Gesamtkunstwerk composed of different fragments formally disconnected from each other, but which synaesthetically affect the senses of the user leading them into a world of events that have never happened, but which are at the same time real. "The meaning that Franzella's works can suggest is not present in the present, it is not tied to our time, but dialectically it is only the present that can reveal it, the works of the artist from Palermo tell us of past prophecies and future disasters, but none of these has happened or will happen. "(AP)


curated by Alessandro Pinto


Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf

Chronicles of the city of Ur is the title of the series of works that Daniele Franzella, a young artist from Palermo, made during his residency in Düsseldorf as part of the Youth Fam Prize 2014 organized by the Fabbriche Chiaramontane of Agrigento (FAM) in collaboration with Verein Düsseldorf Palermo e. V. and with the Municipality of Düsseldorf, Department of Culture. These are works that tell the story of an expedition into a utopian city through a narration punctuated by temporal jumps and the use of different materials such as latex, gypsum, clay and cement that determine the object they constitute and define its meaning. Each work in the series is like a piece of a mutilated mosaic that pushes the observer to question themselves "about the usefulness of the expedition, the discipline and the things that seem appropriate".